New clubs offer more community involvement

New clubs offer more community involvement

By Manal Benyamine club editor

There are over 40 clubs at Wharton, ranging from fun and entertaining clubs like Ping Pong Club and Blue Crew to more prestigious honor and service clubs like the National Honor Society and Beta Club.

This year, Science National Honor Society, the American Red Cross, and Project Beautiful are new additions to the mix.

James Stewart, chemistry teacher, spear-headed the organization of the SNHS.

“I felt like Wharton should have a SNHS because we have always had an exemplary science department with exemplary students, and I felt that they needed to have the recognition they deserved,” Stewart said.

The national club was initiated for all those lovers who want an honor title to add to their college applications.

“I want to get more involved in the scientific community. Also I want to help others become more interested in science. I believe that the SHNS is a great way to achieve both goals,” senior Cesar Maeda, said.

Since this is the first year of SNHS, the founding members have a great opportunity to shape the club and plan the activities for the club. An example of an activity includes volunteering with the science fair and other community service projects in the area like the science fair.

Acceptance in the club depends whether or not the student meets the criteria which includes a 3.5 unweighted GPA or higher. Applicants must be at least a sophomore taking honors or AP science classes.

The American Red Cross Club was established by senior student, Aishwarya Pedneker. I am starting an American Red Cross club in our high school because I would like to get every single person, from youth to adults, involved with the American  Red Cross,” Pedneker, said.

The Red Cross Club is a com- munity service club that teaches safety and many lifesaving lessons. There is also micro volunteering where members will have a chance to write letters to soldiers or creat disaster comfort kits or fundraise for the American red cross.

“From big to small there are many great community service opportunities that the American Red Cross offers. Tjis is why I have started the club in our school,” Pedneker said.

Red Cross will meet during fourth period on club days in room 507.

Another club new to the Wharton campus is Project Beautiful which was established by senior Jasity Rush.

Project Beautiful is a club posed to inspire young women through different aspects and common issues like loneliness and bullying. The club meets during seventh period in room 313.

“I wanted to create the club since my sophomore year because I thought it was important to have a club that involved the girls in our school, and I wanted to leave my mark in Wharton,” Rush said.

Algebra teacher, Shanika Abudallah, agreed to sponsor the club making Rush’s wish come true.

“I feel like that is what the female population at Wharton needed, to develop a nature of girls and develop friendships,” Abdulla said.