Year of Olympiad

Illustration by Carin Coursey.

Yvonne Bertovich
editorial editor 

   As the summer months  approach, the glorified indicators of half of a year concluded, hardships the globe has already been forced to endure are easily conceived.

   Barren, war torn lands smeared with poverty and depression are far more evident in number than can be simply stressed; their civilians left mourning the loss of loved ones, and their children left crying themselves to sleep, bellies distended and aching for food. Economic deficits in countries of power are causing a worldwide ripple effect of crashing markets and overall uncertainty. Political and religious disputes are opening new wounds and salting those not yet healed. Technology is continuing to advance, which can arm enemies with indestructible power. Assorted other toils and troubles are decorating the globe more discernibly, much like the budding beads of sweat upon a soldier’s forehead in the thick of battle.

   And yet, this summer, for 17 days, none of this matters. Every year of the Olympiad, something unheard of transforms whole countries, lifts the spirits of millions and makes obvious struggles become blurred—hope.

   The ability of the world’s best in everything from swimming to badminton, and trampoline to shooting, to compete on a global stage is something that is simply taken for granted. Merely competing in the Olympic Games is an honor that is not easily belittled, resonating within athletes’ home countries and instilling an indelible sense of pride in its every citizen, regardless of their stature or class.

   The Olympic Games cause the dissolution of animosity between many normally uncivil nations for the pure love of entertainment and sport, as their champions battle for bronze, silver and gold. This battle resembling an innocent footrace between children; the weights of societal burdens, for once, do not crush the weathered bodies of the world’s people.

   No. This 17 day span is to display those who have excelled and reward those who have sacrificed. To display a host country in its beauty and glory, highlighting its advances in both nature and industry, while greatly outshining any manifesting issue.

   London has the exclusive opportunity of hosting this year’s summer Olympics, surely providing both a lively and historic backdrop.

   After all, much is resting on this occasion. The global community needs hope. They need hope to fill voids where love, sustenance and money are currently absent. They need hope in  their brethren, leaders and allies. They need hope that enemies may someday become friends, or served necessary justice.
For all the children, fathers, mothers, leaders and soldiers— the world needs the Olympics.


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