Take over Twitter using tweeting etiquette

Olivia Mahanor
staff writer

Twitter defines itself as a way to communicate and stay connected with friends, family and co-workers. Twitter has shoved Facebook out of the limelight. While anything “new” may be intimidating, staying connected and communicating through Twitter is simple. You basically answer one simple question:”What are you doing?” in 160 characters or less. Twitter has acquired 105,779,710 registered users since it was founded in 2006.

When it comes to sharing your thoughts with your followers there is an etiquette that should be followed.

“You should always think before you post,” said Elizabeth Collins, freshman.

Twitter users tweet around 55 million tweets a day. What the average Twitter user is unaware of is that every public tweet, since Twitter’s inception, will be archived digitally at the Library of Congress.

“I tweet around 20-times a day, not counting re-tweets,” said Sabrina Williams, sophomore.

Another thing some Twitter users are not familiar with is the privacy setting. Colleges, employers and businesses all look at social networking websites especially Twitter. What you tweet can have a major effect on what you choose to do later in your life.

Twitter offers two options for privacy settings. The first one is public tweets which are visible to anyone regardless if the person viewing it has a Twitter or not.

The second privacy setting option is protected tweet; it offers your tweets to previously approved Twitter followers.

“I am mindful about what I Tweet. I don’t want the wrong person to see something I have Tweeted and possibly have my future thrown in the wrong direction,” said Aniko Illes, sophomore.

There are nine basic tips every tweeter should follow to reach the proper level of etiquette.

Tip one: Be grateful. For example if you are to be mentioned in a re-tweet, you should thank the person. People want their actions to be recognized.

Tip two: Fight off the feeling of constantly wanting to tweet. When you tweet, you should tweet meaningful, interesting and engaging messages.

Tip three: Twitter has adopted the infamous pound sign and renamed it the hashtag. When tweeting, use the hashtag graciously, entering the hashtag in front of everything will only annoy your followers.

Tip four: Be careful what you tweet. There have been an extreme number of embarrassing incidents that end up on Twitter. These tweets can get individuals and entire groups of people in trouble. Do not use your Twitter to tweet inappropriate photos, or tweet explicit language.

Tip five: Twitter isn’t your personal blog. Avoid getting too personal when composing a tweet. No one on Twitter cares about what you think about the weather or last night’s episode of “Glee.”

Tip six: Be professional. What you tweet is only a reflection of yourself and your actions.

Tip seven: Keep your audience in mind while you’re tweeting. What you tweet should be content to your followers, not anything your followers wouldn’t want to see.

Tip eight: Timing is everything. When engaging in conversations with someone on Twitter respond to them in a decent amount of time.

Tip nine: Treat your followers the way you would want them to treat you. Also, warn your followers if you tweet a lot. Nobody wants his/her Twitter blown up with your tweets.


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