Rascal Flatts has not ‘Changed’


Rascal Flatts has never “changed.” The band released their new album, “Changed,” on April 3. Photos courtesy of MCT Campus/ Nicolas Khayat- Abaca
Press/ Francis/Landov-MCT/ David Perry-Lexington Herald-Leader

Aly Damminger
staff writer

   Rascal Flatts just recently released a new record entitled “Changed,” but fear not, the boys have done anything but that.

   The band released their eighth  studio album on April 3, and has already filled the number one slot while selling approximately 130,000 copies in the first week alone. When “Changed” was originally released, lead singer, Gary Levox, claimed that “Changed” was to reveal a new side of their music to fans. While that may not be  completely true, there are some songs that have had a minor tweak from the band’s original sound.

   The album has some slower tunes like “Come Wake Me Up” and the self-titled song, itself,  “Changed,” while still including the familiar country-rock sound Rascal Flatts that has been so popular with their fans.   en listening to “Banjo” (the first single off of this album), “She’s Leaving,” “Great Big Love” or “Right One Time” it’s hard remain still. The melodies are  catchy and make you want to get up and dance around.

   All the tracks have those infectious guitars riffs and power vocals that captured the heart  of  millions of fans worldwide. However, if you’re looking for a track that is a little more mellow, yet still contains those traditional country roots, give “Hot in Here,” “Sunrise,” and “Hurry Baby” a listen.

   Compared to previous albums, “Changed” is a step in the right direction for Rascal Flatts. It can be classified as a very powerful record that includes some pretty inspiring words. “It didn’t matter where I’d been, I’m not the  same man I was then. I got off track, I  made  mistakes. Back slid my way into that place, where souls get lost, lines get crossed and the pain won’t go away. I hit my knees, now here I stand. There I   as, now here I am. Here I am changed.”

   While, some lyrics of the title track on their previous effort, “Me and My Gang,” include, “Raise up your hands if  ou all wanna hang with me and my gang. We live to ride, we ride to live… me and my gang. Jump on that  train, grab a ‘hold of them reins. We gonna rock this thang, cock this thang… me and my gang.”

   These lyrics tend to be a little more sentimental than ones previously written. It’s safe to say that while the group continues to mature as artists, their lyrics mature as well. hey continue to dig a little deeper than ever before.

   “Changed” is a step in the right direction for the band and only further proves that the best  is yet to come.


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