Prepare for chaos…

End of world is coming

Marlene Miranda
feature editor 

Get ready for the largest “Project X”- like party the world has ever seen. With months dwindling down to Dec. 21, 2012, the countdown to the end of the world is getting shorter and shorter. And for the believers, they’re either going out with a bang through excessive partying, or preparing for the  nevitable apocalypse.

“Do I think the world will end because of an actual apocalypse? No, but what I think is going to cause death is the mass riots that  ill probably result due to stupidity,” Sean Pacheco, senior, said.

There have been numerous predictions on how the world will come to an end, but the  most talked  about are the theories surrounding the Mayan calendar. Apparently, Dec.  21, 2012, is believed to mark the end of humanity. However, it is a  possibility  that the only thing the calendar predicts is the sun rising daily.

“No, I don’t think the world is going to end in 2012. There’s no legitimate proof, aside from an unfinished rock  calendar, ” Matthew Skypack, junior, said.

The 2012 prophecies  have spread furiously in the past couple of  years. The phenomenon has been the subject of thousands of websites,  documentaries, the recent 2009 movie titled “2012,” books and  even a public outreach website NASA started where people can submit questions on the subject. Shockingly, some people have even asked if they should kill themselves, their children and pets.

“I don’t believe the world is going to end in 2012. It’s just one of those urban legends like Big Foot or the Loch mess monster. People only believe it because we are told to believe it. There is no solid evidence pointing  to an end. The biggest thing people  talk about is the end of the Mayan  calendar, but what legitimacy can we give to an extinct civilization about our future? ” Oscar Raggio, senior, said.

Aside from selling 2012 entertainment to the masses, people have found other ways to profit from the “prophecy.” T-shirts for  2012 and survival kits  can be found online. Packages for trips to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize during December 2012 have  already been sold.


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