May the odds be ever in your favor while surviving the Hunger Games

Sophomore Mikaela Beale and freshman Joey Porter try to survive the Hunger Games.                                  Photo by Scott

Breanna Stackpole
staff writer

Picture this. You are in a large arena and you have no idea what is lurking in the shadows. All you know is you need to survive while others are trying to kill you.

“I would be the first to die. I have no idea how to survive in the wilderness,” Justine Glubis, sophomore, said.

Surviving the Hunger Games would definitely be difficult. You have to worry about finding food, finding shelter and not getting killed. Not to mention the natural disasters thrown in by the Capitol.

“If I were in the Hunger Games, I would run into the woods immediately and hide until everyone was dead,” Casey Ferguson, sophomore, said.

However, not everyone would take such a humane approach as Casey and Katniss would.

Some people would choose to be more like Cato, one of the career tributes, in their approach to killing.

“If I were in the Hunger Games, I would hide in the trees during the day and kill people at night when they least expect it,” Cristina Arguello, sophomore, said.

There is also the question of alliances. Would you choose to survive on your own or band together with others in order to increase your chances of survival? You could band with the careers, the people who train all their lives for the games, or you could make an alliance with the people just trying to survive.

“I would make an alliance with Katniss and with anyone who only wanted to survive not to kill,” Monica Moore, sophomore said.

It’s obvious that there are many ways to kill others and avoid being killed. You could trick people into eating poisonous berries, use the stinging tracker jackers, or grab your best weapon from the cornucopian, but without food you won’t survive for long.

How would you find food?

“I would hunt and eat whatever I could find in the forest,” said Preeti Vadlamani, junior.

The tributes compete in an arena that changes every year. Players must be prepared to survive in any type of environment. Katniss Everdeen was lucky because she got her ideal arena for her survival. Katniss is good at climbing trees and quick with a bow, so having a forest arena was ideal for her.

“I would want an arena in the ocean, like the one in the book ‘Catching Fire’, because I’m a good swimmer and I could get to the cornucopian first,” Xana Smith, sophomore, said.

The weapons used in the movie were unusual. Instead of using guns, they used knives and bows and spears.

“I think they used those weapons because guns would be too fast a kill and the Capitol wanted a show,” Madison Giarrizzo, sophomore, said.

Everyone has a different opinion of what weapon is best.

“I would want a bow and arrow because I could shoot from long distances,” Donnavin Rivera, junior, said.

Whatever your method for surviving the Hunger Games, it is no secret that it would be difficult. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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