Little brown monster brings big burger flavor


Scarlett Haynes, senior, bites down into a custom-made burger. Burger Monger is open for business all week long. Photo by Emily Broaddus

Kelly Peretz
news editor     

A little brown monster holding hamburgers, a BurgerMonger, stares at customers from the parking lot, and already they know they are in for an intriguing experience.

“We’re establishing a grand identity in Wesley Chapel, and so far, so good,” Founder and General Partner Jake Hickton said.

Located at 1656 Bruce B Downs Blvd, BurgerMonger is a new restaurant in Wesley Chapel that has made a big impact on the area. Because the restaurant is near Red Robin and Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, BurgerMonger has some serious competition.

“I respect competition, and I think competition helps us perform better. Our team is very competitive and we think our experience is as good, if not better than the other burger restaurants,” Hickton said.

Hickton wants his customers’ experiences to be sensory, to “stimulate all of your senses,” he said. The music, the high-definition televisions, the smell of Japanese Akaushi beef, the sound of milkshake blenders and the chatter of happy customers come together to ultimately create a grand sensory experience.

“I want to have fun, I want to create opportunity for others and I want to create opportunity and start a company where people enjoy working and where people enjoy dining,” Hickton said.

Senior Steven Glazer, a Burger- Monger employee, said, “The managers are definitely awesome, and it’s a nice atmosphere. Even if you’re back in the dish room, you’re back there singing and dancing.”

“Our company is built around four pillars: 100 percent Akaushi beef, the finest ground beef in the world, Challah buns, premium fresh cut French fries cooked in beef fat, and our extraordinary H äagen-Daz milkshakes and malts,” Hickton said.

Akaushi beef is marbled with fat and contains high concentrations of oleic acid, a heart-healthy fat.

“I think the burgers are some of the best burgers that I’ve had,”
Glazer said.

Also, over 25 toppings are available including a very special sauce; the ingredients are top secret.

Glazer said, “It tastes like thousand island, and it goes great with fries or burgers; it really depends what you’re into.”

Portions served at BurgerMonger are a little larger than normal, and fries have to be ordered separately, which, according to Hickton, is common for specialty burger eateries due to very expensive burger ingredients such as 100 percent USDA, Above Prime, All Natural, Akaushi Kobe Beef.

“Our food is made to share,” Glazer said.

The Burger Monger is six ounces and $6.99 including toppings and a choice of five different cheeses. A vegetarian option is also available with the Veggie Monger, a six ounce veggie burger for $6.99. Chicken Mongers are available, as well as salads served with either chicken or beef and a choice of six different salad dressings. The Monger Dog is a quarter-pound Akaushi Kobe Beef hot dog for only $3.99

Monger fries are $2.49 for a halfpound, $3.49 for one pound, and $4.99 for a pound and a half.

The Mini-Monger Menu is for children 12 and under and has Monger Dogs, Burger Mongers and macaroni and cheese in smaller portions.

BurgerMonger also appeals to an older crowd with their promotion, “White-Hair Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday, Loyal Monger customers over the age of 60 receive a 20 percent discount on their order. Loyal Mongers is a sort of reward program for customers.

BurgerMonger is open Sunday through Thursday from 11am- 10pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am-11pm. BurgerMonger also has $5 Burger Monger Mondays and $3 Monger Dog Tuesdays.


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