HOTSPOT: Younglife cures Monday blues

Sophomore Allie Boucher, senior Katherine Ilcken, junior Collin Brich, senior Will Ferguson and senior Heather Montgomery forget their worries during Younglife. Younglife clubs are held every Monday night at the YMCA. Photo by Emily Broaddus

Diana Dellecese
managing editor

   With every Friday comes elation over the fact that school is done for the week, but also an underlying sense of impending doom. On Saturday it becomes even stronger, and on Sunday that’s when the reality of it hits: tomorrow is Monday.

   Mondays bring an end to fun nights, days of lazing about and sleeping in late. While a majority of people dread Mondays, Younglife goers view Monday as one of the best days of the week.

   “Normally I would be really upset about the fact that it’s Monday and I’m at school at 7:30 in the morning,” Kelly Rosica, senior, said. “But knowing that I have Younglife that night  makes the day seem to go by faster. It really makes my week more bearable, and it’s fun to sing and dance and just let loose.”

   Come 7:59 Monday night, teens are lining up at the doors of the New Tampa YMCA, eagerly awaiting their admission into club. Younglife has been in New Tampa since 1988, and is an international organization that reaches teenagers for Christ. For those who just cannot get enough, Younglife also offers smaller, weekly groups.

   “Club is a weekly gathering where we play goofy games, sing songs, have skits, embarrass ourselves and hear a short message. YL Club meets at the New Tampa Y at 7:59 on Mondays during the school year,” Allen Guy, Younglife Leader, said. “Campaigners is a weekly small group for those who want to explore their faith a little deeper.”

   Younglife also has a variety of campgrounds spread across the country such as North Carolina, Colorado and Arizona.  These week long camps provide teens the opportunity to spend a week singing, dancing and laughing while deepening their faith.

   “A big part of going to  YL is going to camp. Every summer we go to some really cool camps for a week. We usually go to Sharptop Cove in Georgia or Frontier Ranch in Colorado,” Guy said. “Everyone who goes says it’s ‘the best week of my life’ and it’s true! At Christmas break we go to Windy Gap in the mountains of  North Carolina. We ski one day and do usual camp activities the rest of the time.”

   Along with normal club, Younglife also hosts a variety of themed clubs  such as Halloween Club, Tacky Prom and Mustache Club. During these clubs, teens are encouraged to dress up goofily and specially themed activities  are planned to match the spirit of the club. “$10 Tacky Prom is my absolute favorite club,” Abby Doupnik, senior, said. “You try to find the tackiest,  funniest costumes and wear them to club. You get to spend the whold club dancing around and goofing off, it’s so much fun. They even crown a Tacky  Prom King and Queen at the end of the night.”

   Younglife provides many opportunities for teens to have a good time. Whether it is Monday night Club or   camp in Colorado, teens are sure to enjoy themselves and make many new friends along the way.



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