Citizens brace for impact as doomsday approaches

Photos by Heather Montgomery
*Photo used with permission by Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal/MCT
**Illustration used with permission by Tracy Cox

Yvonne Bertovich
editorial editor 

   Shaky hands are convectively circling the date Dec. 21, 2012; smearing the ink with their nervous humidity, dispiriting calendars, forming a foreboding lump in the throat of the scribe.

   Dark is the thought of the end, but ignorance is argued to be far worse. Mother Nature is viewed as a relentless entity that would wreak havoc without batting an eye.

   “The ‘End of the World 2012’ theory may be just as awesome as Y2K,” AP environmental science teacher Kevin Maloney said.

   The most common theory inaugurating the end was crafted by some of the first great astronomers and mathematicians, the Maya. This tribal society existing from around 2600 BC to 900 AD, created a calendar system that is the medium for the  doomsday prediction.

   “Mayan calendar ending is not based in any real science rather a lack of understanding that all calendars end each year and start  new the next year,” Maloney said.

   Supposedly, on Dec. 21 of this year, the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy causing a dramatic shift in Earth’s magnetic poles. This occurrence will then initiate a plethora of the most severe of natural disasters, sparing not one mere inch of the planet from fatality and destruction.

   “Polar shift is impossible, and there are planetary alignments happening anytime this millennia,” Maloney said.

   Surviving the terrors that may be brewing in the atmosphere at this very moment is but a minor  feat.

   “The world could end at any time due to a bunch of theories. Another  planet could hit us, or a meteor or asteroid,” Maloney said.

   If anyone survives through the terrors that may come, checklists detail  necessary supplies such as flashlights, antibiotics, nonperishable  foods, blankets, and tents.

   “In a sense I’m already prepared for the end because I’m  Christian,” Tim  Blickle, sophomore, said. ”In my faith, you’re taken care of already.”

   The theorists, believers, ‘survival experts,’ public figures and some media  are vested in the notion that the Earth was merely created to be destroyed, and above all, at the human hand.

   “Humans are not in harmony with the planet and, therefore, are causing irreversible damage to the climate,” Maloney said.

   Ironically, it is these same hands that  created these theories that mark the emergency supply lists, that house fingernails that are anxiously bitten and that may help rebuild. It is these same hands that circle the  date Dec. 21, 2012, or scribble a satisfied smiley face on the date Dec. 22, 2012.

   “Meteor, climate change, or just  human die off would be more likely,” Maloney said.

   The world may just have to wait and see.


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