Roving Reporter

What was the best part of your high school years?


“When they called my name for homecoming queen, I was so happy. And the dance was so funny. Jereth [homecoming king] and I made this plan that if  we were going to win, we weren’t going to slow dance like everyone else. They played a super slow song and we were just breaking it down, and then they changed the song. I’m pretty sure people called me psycho for doing it. I was screaming and a bunch of people circled around me.”

-Isabella Di Mare, senior



“I did the summer play last year, ‘Seussical, the Musical.’ I was in the ensemble. It was so much fun. I had to dance and sing. The whole process of going to rehearsal for hours and learning the songs… it was just life changing. As a person, I grew a lot. Being a part of Seussical showed me how much I loved  performing and made me realize that I want to perform in the future.”

-Alethia Williams, senior


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