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Class of 2012 gives final advice to freshmen

Diana Dellecese
managing editor 

Matt Meyer, senior, instructs freshmen on how to be successfull in high school. The Class of 2012 graduates on June 6. Photo by Alex Montgomery 

   As we go on, we remember, all the times we’ve, had together.

   As the year draws to a close and seniors prepare to graduate, the nostalgia that has threatened to spill out all year finally appears. Great memories are etched in senior minds, and moments they wish would have changed surface. As much as living with no regrets appeals to the masses, it is only natural for seniors to look back on their high  school experience and see things they would have changed.

   “My advice to freshmen would be not to slip up in any class. No matter how minor you may think it is, every class counts. Especially with colleges getting pickier, do your best in every class and never slack off,” Farhana Rahman, senior, said.

   With so  many extracurricular activities that high school offers, being thrust into a new and exciting world can be overwhelming. Joining clubs, Student Government and sports teams can take up a majority of your  time, and before you know it you’re ditching homework for the baseball game, a club meeting or good grades for a few good times. While staying involved in school activities can make your high school  experience more enjoyable, it is important to focus on school work as well.

   “STAY FOCUSED. I know it is  high school, and you want to make these four years the most memorable they can be, but these are also the start of the most important years of your life as you are trying to get yourself ready for the future,” Madelyn Diaz, senior, said. “Don’t let unnecessary drama with a boyfriend or girlfriend, friends or whatever get the best of you. At this time, keep your grades up and don’t let anything get in the way of what you want to accomplish after high school.”

   As important as staying focused during high school is, this is the time where some of your best memories and friends are made. High school is the last place you and your friends will all be in one place, and with so many good memories waiting to be made, now is the time to make them. Your group of friends can help shape you into the person you will be by graduation, so picking carefully can enrich your high school experience.

   “Don’t work too hard. Always  leave some room for fun! Keep up with your school work and make sure you get good grades! Trust me! Get really involved in everything you can possibly be a part of! Play sports and stick with them, Tom Read, senior, said.

   “Don’t get yourself caught up in the wrong crowd either; your friends are a huge factor in the person that you are like. The company you keep is the company you become. Make sure you keep yourself busy, and don’t make stupid decisions that will cost you!”

   Although there are undoubtedly things that seniors wish they could change, high school experiences are sure to be unforgettable, and define the last of their teenage years. By enjoying the time  you have with others and making the most of whatever comes your way, your high school years will be filled with memories that will stay with you for years to come.


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