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Seniors to graduate at Florida state fairgrounds

Manal Benyamine
staff writer  

“Graduation for teachers is a time to see the fruits of your labor all grown up,” ESE teacher, Georgie Collins said.

That day is near when the Class of 20112 will receive their diplomas. Graduation is on June 6 at the Florida State Fairgrounds with the ceremony beginning promptly at 8pm.

There are a total of 533 potential graduates in this year’s graduating class. Of these, 214 students with GPAs of 4.0 or higher will graduate in white and 319 graduating in blue.

“It is unreal to know that I’m graduating so soon, valedictorian Cory Goldman said.

As valedictorian, Goldman will speak at the ceremony as well as the Class President Allie Davison, Salutatorian, Tyler Ericson and Principal Bradley Woods.

“The ceremony will be the same as every year. There is nothing different,” SGA sponsor Barbra Woolley, said.

Graduates must attend the mandatory rehearsal to participate in graduation on June 2 at the Fairgrounds. They must act in a dignified manner during the ceremony and dress in “Sunday best.” (Dress or skirt for the ladies and dress pant for the gentlemen.)

For any of those who fail to comply with the guidelines diplomas may be pulled.

The Fairgrounds charge $5 for parking and bringing exact change will help the lines move smoother.


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